Free Shipping over $ 70.00 to any mission in Mexico!!!

How to send a package to any mission in Mexico

Care Packages to any Mission

 We deliver packages to any missions in Mexico, between 3 and 5  business days. It is the fastest and more affordable way to get packages  to missionaries in Mexico.
No custom taxes, your missionary will receive the package free of any other extra charge. 


 All items  are shipped through FedEx, this shipment has an additional cost of $  12.99 up to 12 pounds, these packages are sent to the mission offices,  where the mission will be responsible for getting your package to your  missionary. If your package weighs more than 12 pounds you will be charged $ 1 per extra pound.  When you finish your order  you will be sent a FedEx tracking number

Choosing sweets and items

 Choose items and treats from the variety in our website. If you need something else go and click on the special request tab and we will do our best to find the product that you need!

 Note: Perishable food is not sent to missions (cakes, pastries, cupcakes, donuts or roll's

Check Out

 Once you  have selected the items, you are ready to check out, a screen will be  displayed where you will fill out a shipping address form, include the name of  the missionary and the address of the mission (if you do not have the  address of the mission you can look it up from the list below shown) select the shipping method: Standard delivery to any mission in Mexico 

Order Confirmation

 Follow the  PayPal instructions and finish your purchase, and at the end of the  purchase you will receive a confirmation email with your complete order,  if you do not see it, we recommend you check each of the trays  (UNWANTED, SPAM, etc) or sections (Social , Promotions, All, Priority, Others, etc.) that shows you your mail.